Love is an eternal feeling!

Kinzd is lucky to be a vehicle for friends to express their feeling,

Your favorite makes the product has a special meaning and soul.

It is also the concept of Kinzd!

Behind every engraving content of Kinzd there is a moving story.

Thanks for participating, we are honored to be part of the story

Kinzd, Let us continue to write more stories!

* Personalized Customization Protocol

About Products:

Handmade leather goods, individual fine lines, natural grain leather ribs, small spots, all within the normal range, not a quality problem.

About Return:

1.Engraving products are personalized custom, can’t be sold twice, so can’t be returned; if there is quality problems can be a free repair or replacement.
2.Once the engraved content is determined, it can’t be changed, can not apply for a refund, because the product may have been in the engraving.

Delivery time:

Engraving takes about 3 days, due to the large amount of orders may be delayed.

Engraving effect:

The laser response of different leather materials is different, the engraving effect may differ from your expectations, effect to prevail in kind.

* Require customized services is deemed to agree to the above agreement, thank you!

Please Note: To give you a better service experience, please be sure to read the following detail, design the sculpture in strict accordance with the requirements. So as to avoid miscommunication, lead to engraving errors. Please send the engraved content to our mailbox after the order has been paid successfully.

About price

1.USD $ 5 (Pay via paypal,email our support team)
2.2.Order over USD$50.Personalized Free
3.Free Personalized for old customers.

Engraving Location

Choose a different location depending on the different wallet

Engraving size

Less than 5cm * 5cm, the specific size depends on the size of the wallet

Engraved content (email to us)

1. Black and white, transparent bottom of PNG format, resolution is higher than 800 * 800px
2. In order to ensure the effect of engraving, the following part of the type of picture is not suitable for engraving.

Font Requirements: We offer some font selection

Such as:

First line: MY LOVE (Font: CP capital)
Second line: happy birthday to you (Font: CP lowercase)