The 15 Best and Cool Credit Card Holders 2019

Best and Cool Credit Card Holders

Credit card holders are an important part of life. If you own a large number of credit or debit cards, it is hard to place all of them in a single wallet. Therefore, credit card holders, also known as credit card holders, will be your top choice particularly if you want to carry most of the cards on a daily basis. The cardholders have many characteristics that make them unique and they stand out among most other types of credit card holders.

Finding a perfect credit card Holder

A credit card holder is a personal thing. In addition to holding your credit cards, IDs and some bills, it will tell others about your personality – prepared, messy or organized. Therefore, when replacing your billfold, you should know all the features to search for. First, you have to stick to the basics including if you own very many credit cards that you have to carry on a daily basis. You will have to decide whether you need a coin pouch. Mostly, a pouch for coins is unnecessary because most items are going for a dollar and your tight jeans have an extra pocket for the coins.

If you need a leather wallet, you should ensure that it is of high quality. And because it is hard to know the quality of the leather used, you will have to check where it comes from and the tanning method. A wallet that is made of cheap flimsy leather is unlikely to last for long. And because wallets are not cheap, you should ensure that you buying something of great quality.

When it comes to the finish, stick to the light tones of natural tooling leather or English bridle. One benefit of leather is that it stands the test of time and nothing will show beautiful patina more like natural leather does over the years. To select the credit card holder, you will have to consider your daily life. If you are among the people who wear jeans, you should go for light leather. If you wear suits, a traditional dark finish will provide you with a sophisticated style. If you are a cattle rancher, try a cordovan leather wallet. Manufacturers also offer aluminium, carbon fiber and several other wallet materials. Whichever you choose to ensure that it employs RFID technology to keep your card details safe.

The top credit card holders

To help you shop easily, we have gathered some of the best credit card holders in the market. Here are the credit card holders.

1. Kinzd Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Wallet

Kinzd Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Wallet
The front pocket wallet for men is embedded with radio frequency identification chips to prevent hackers who move with handheld RFID readers from skimming your credit card information. The slim wallet is of great quality because the craftsmanship and leather are of high-end quality. You will definitely love the feel, character and look the Crazy Horse leather provides. If you prefer something softer and glossier, the Napa leather, which Kinzd uses in most of their wallets will be a perfect choice. When it comes to functionality, the wallet will carry almost anything that you want. The idea of keeping your credit cards safe from thieves is applaudable.
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2. MaxGear RFID Credit Card Holder

MaxGear RFID Credit Card Holder
If you need a slim wallet that can hold up to 9 credit cards, the MaxGear RFID Credit Card Holder is a good choice. You can choose to keep the cardholder slim by limiting the number of cards to seven and avoiding coins or notes. The manufacturer uses PVC to make the wallet and no thieve will access your credit card details because the wallet comes with RFID scanning protection. The metal case will prevent the demagnetization of your cards and protect them from getting damaged or bent in any way. The case is shiny and no one will notice smudges unless they hold very closely.
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3. Buffway Slim Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Blocking Leather Wallet

Buffway Slim Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Blocking Leather Wallet
Most people associate RFID blocking sleeves with the bulkiness and the difficulty to carry when travelling, the manufacturer designs the Buffway Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet with the modern travelers in mind. The cardholder is extra slim, lightweight and perfectly portable. The RFID blocking wallet is a good choice for men and women travelers, who would want to lighten up their load and to protect their credit cards, identify cards, licenses and passport cards. It has four slots to hold the cards, a clear window slide featuring finger glide for storing your ID, driver’s license or work badge. The two side pockets are perfect for your membership cards, business cards or train cards. Use the middle pocket to store some cash bills, receipts, coupons, tickets and notes.
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4. Karlling Slim Minimalist Soft Leather Mini Case

Karlling Slim Minimalist Soft Leather Mini Case
Unlike most other credit card holders in the market, the Karling Slim Minimalist Soft Leather Mini Case provides many quality features at a lower price. The manufacturer makes the wallet to hold up to 20 debit/credit cards, which you can space. You can also use it to carry your IDs and business cards too. The wallet holds two credit cards back to back. Each page has a divider, which sits nicely between the cards. In other words, when using the thumbhole to remove a card, you will not remove the other card, which sits next to it, accidentally. However, unless you are planning to carry all your credit cards on a daily basis, the wallet should not form part of your everyday carry.
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5. Travelambo Women’s Wallet

Travelambo Women's Wallet
The Travelambo Multi Card Case Wallet for women comes with an RFID blocking feature to keep all credit cards safe throughout the day. Its two-button design allows it to fit in almost any situation. As the user, you can use its inner button while still holding some other things and use its outer button when empty. It comes with 16 card slots in addition to one ID card window. Two of the slots are zippered to hold your chequebook, IDs, cash, mobile phone, receipts. In other words, you will be able to use the credit card holder in any day of the week.
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6. Kinzd Slim bifold Wallet with Money Clip RFID Blocking

Kinzd Slim bifold Wallet with Money Clip RFID Blocking
The Kinzd slim bifold wallet with Money Clip RFID Blocking is made of what is seemingly high-quality leather. The stitching is uniform, tight and you should not expect any stray strings. It comes with an outside clear pocket that you can use to hold your ID card or 2-3 cards. The manufacturer uses Napa leather to make the first layer (leather from sheep skin or small goats0, which is both durable and soft. Manufacturers use the leather to make items such as wallets, luggage and high-end furniture. The wallet also comes with RFID feature to protect your cards from thieves.
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7. Zhoma RFID Blocking Leather Credit Card Holder

Zhoma RFID Blocking Leather Credit Card Holder
The attractive wallet, Zhoma RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder will not take a lot of space in your pocket. The manufacturer uses premium genuine leather to make it in addition to soft hardware and fabric lining. The RFID feature will block readers from accessing your debit cards and credit cards, banking information, RFID driver’s licenses, smart cards and any RFID card you might own. Therefore, you will have the peace of mind you need when in airports, shopping malls and other crowded places. The wallet is lightweight and comes with large storage capacity, 11 RFID blocking card slots and you can place around 1-2 cards in each slot. Place cash, receipts and notes in the side compartments.
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8. Travelambo Front Pocket Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet

Travelambo Front Pocket Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet
The Travelambo Front Pocket Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet is made of smooth and soft leather, which might stretch in the production stage. And because the manufacturer does no use machines to produce the wallets, you should expect minimal stretching during the production. After they have sewed the wallet, the professional craftsmen use traditional tools such as scissors, cutting knife and hammer for final touches. The wallet is ideal for any occasion. You should not worry about the safety of your credit cards because the wallet offers RFID technology to prevent skimming of your credit card details. You can use the wallet for business purposes, during travel and as an everyday carry piece.
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9. MaxGear Leather Credit Card Wallet

MaxGear Leather Credit Card Wallet
If you need a cardholder with separated pockets on its inside for easier finding and storage of credit cards, the MaxGear Leather Credit Card Wallet is a perfect choice. It will also help you keep your cards organized. The manufacturer uses 100 per cent genuine cowhide leather to make it, which means that it is soft, smooth and durable. If you need a fashionable American or European style, you would better try it. It comes with 12 secure credit card slots (fold accordion style), 2 cash slots, 9 individual credit card slots, 2 cash slots and 2 outside slots that you can use to carry a photo, ID and a daily card. You will also benefit from the RFID blocking technology made to keep your cards safe.
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10. Buvelife Credit Card Wallet for Women

Buvelife Credit Card Wallet for Women
If you have very many cards that you would want to carry along each day, the Buvelife Credit Card Wallet for Women is a good choice. Each card will remain in its slot and you will remove it easily when the need arises. In fact, you can use a slot to hold more than one card if needed. The process of sorting out cards is also easy and the quality leather and zipper will keep them safe. In total, the wallet has 36 credit card slots and 2 cash compartments that you can use to store your phone.
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11. ACM Wallet Credit Card Holder

ACM Wallet Credit Card Holder
The ACM Auto Card Manager is a great mechanical money clip and cardholder that will select, protect and organize your credit cards, IDs and your other essentials. The manufacturer hand assembles this wallet and includes 60 parts and a lifetime warranty to protect the mechanism. The wallet combines two types of finishing – the Brushed Chrome finish and two-part anodizing process, which bonds the metal to lightweight polycarbonate chassis. Its backside and the additional parts feature colored rubberize smooth to touch coating. And because the credit card holder prevents scratching, warping and static cards rubbing and touching together, you will reduce the risk for damaged cards.
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12. Fidelo Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet

Fidelo Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet
The super thin design is minimal but strong. Therefore, the Fidelo Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet will improve your everyday carry. After placing your credit cards, receipts, cash and IDs in the wallet, you can place it in your trouser, shirt pocket, pant or jacket pocket and go unnoticed. It will help you cut down the bulk while still carrying up to 15 credit cards. It comes with 4 billfold bands that feature carbon fiber accent. Moreover, you will have the chance of selecting grey, charcoal, black, royal blue or rocky ridge grey color. The wallet will solve most of your daily problems.
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13. Fidelo Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet with Money Clip

Fidelo Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet with Money Clip
If you want to slim your wallet and to carry a few cards each day, the Fidelo Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet is another good choice. The wallet is light, secure and can carry 6 credit cards and 7-10 bills and retain its slim look. The carbon fiber has a great appearance and the manufacturer offers it in three different colors to satisfy the tastes of all users. The durable elastic bands have a genuine leather accent and they will secure your bills through the day. You can change them to suit your style, mood or occasion. Carbon fiber is 5 times stronger than steel, right and resistant to scratches. It will last for many years.
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14. Credit Card Holder LunGear Minimalist Card Protector

Credit Card Holder LunGear Minimalist Card Protector
The manufacturer leaves a small space between leather sleep and metal case to allow easier sliding of folded bills. Depending on the thickness of your credit cards, the wallet can hold up to seven cards – it holds 5 embossed cards or 7 flat cards. It is easier to use because all you have to do is slide the lever situated at the bottom so that all the cards can pop up. After that, you will be able to select the exact card you want and avoid slipping out cards by mistake. The RFID blocking technology works perfectly to keep your cards safe. The used material is both sturdy and durable. You can place the wallet in your skinny jeans, small purse, front pocket or handbag to keep safe.
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15. BesToo Credit Card Holder

BesToo Credit Card Holder
The BesToo Credit Card Holder is made of leather and aluminum alloy, which means that it of lightweight and looks decent. The wallet is small and thin but can hold up to 8 credit cards properly. Due to its minimalist design, you can carry it in your front pocket or backpack when travelling. The manufacturer includes 2 slots and a metal case and money clip to help you keep all your essentials in one place. To access your cards, you just need to activate the popup trigger. The RFID signals blocking technology will prevent theft of your card details.
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