Best Slim Leather Wallet For Men 2019

best slim wallet 2018

Just like your car keys and cellphone, you’ll always carry your wallet wherever you go. Note that money and credit cards are still in use in the modern world and until such a time when they’ll no longer be needed, wallets will remain critical accessories that we must carry around at all times. However, if you feel that the traditional billfold is a bulky accessory, you will gladly discover that there are plenty of slim leather wallet options to choose from. The slim wallet or leather money clip wallet isn’t just for the minimalist; it suits every man who would rather not carry the humongous George Costanza wallet’, which is so huge it can barely fit in the pocket. The slim leather wallet boasts of a minimalist style thus making it ideal for every man who wishes to enjoy the convenience provided by a multi-card wallet, especially if you do not want to haul around the bulk and excess material that comes with the latter.

What is the best slim leather wallet?

The era of the bulky, thick wallets is gone and the slim leather wallet boasting of greater functionality and convenience has quickly taken over the world. These are a better choice for any man desiring a more stylish, practical, and comfortable option. Since there are so many designs and styles available today, it is highly unlikely that you won’t find a suitable one for your needs. Here are features that determine the best minimalist wallet.

When you consider the material choice, leather is the most popular and most stylish of them all. Fine quality, handcrafted top-grain leather might be an expensive choice, but the beauty makes a statement and you can rest assured knowing it will remain durable for many years, especially with the right treatment.

No matter the material type you choose for your new slim wallet or leather money clip wallet, the ones with solid construction are obviously best. You really don’t want a new wallet that falls apart in a matter of weeks, as it’ll spill your contents when you least expect it to do so.

How to choose slim leather?

If you just made up your mind to invest in a slim leather wallet for men, there are a number of critical factors to ponder over. Here is a breakdown of factors that you should ultimately use to select the right wallet that matches your needs perfectly:

  • The Type Of Material

    Since durability and function are key components, these two vital aspects should guide the material choice. It is worth noting that different types of materials are used to create slim wallet options with the most popular materials being leather, metal, plastic, wood, and many more. To get the most from your minimalist wallet, it is advisable that you choose genuine leather over other materials. Even so, you need to check that the type of leather used is the correct one; choose between top-grain and full-grain.

  • Sufficient Storage For Cards

    Since cards are widely used in the digital era, you need to check that your slim leather wallet incorporates enough slots that will allow you to store your debit and credit cards with ease.

  • Quality

    Leather is a clear winner when considering the different material options. Furthermore, it beats the other material options hands down if you consider quality and durability. High-quality leather is exceptionally crafted and provides unmatched strength thus making it a superb option for a slim wallet. Leather additionally feels comfortable, boasts of a solid design, and holds together in one piece. 

When you need to choose the appropriate slim leather wallet, consider the size, construction, quality, and durability. These tips allow you to shop confidently for a new and preferred minimalist wallet. 

Kinzd Slim Leather Wallet

best slim wallet 2018
Kinzd Slim Leather Wallet

The kinzd Napa leather slim wallet is made using genuine leather and allows you to carry six cards, an ID, and money wherever you go. The wallet is super thin and boasts of a solid construction and compact design that allows you to access cards without much fuss. The modern minimalist wallet additionally incorporates the RFID blocking technology to prevent card electronic theft, thereby enhancing your personal security. 

Whether you choose a slim wallet or leather money clip wallet by kinzd, you’ll gladly discover that the modern men’s accessories are produced using some of the finest genuine leather with a nice, high-quality stitch that appeals to everyone.

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