The 10 Best Carbon Fiber Wallet for Men 2019

Best Carbon Fiber Wallet for Men

Carbon fiber is a great material for wallets. The material is preferred for making wallets because it is light in weight, durable and very strong among other factors. In the real sense, the total weight of a carbon fiber wallet is actually the weight of its contents. When it comes to the thickness, carbon takes the lead. This means the material can be reduced to the lowest thickness ever as compared to other materials like aluminum. Apart from that, carbon fiber is extremely strong and it is said to be five times stronger than steel. It is durable and you can be sure that it will last your whole life.

What is the Best Carbon Fiber Wallet?

A carbon fiber wallet exudes a number of qualities that make it a must-have item in your pocket. These qualities are attributed to the material used in making the wallet. A carbon fiber wallet is modern, weighs less, has an admirable weave part and it is near impossible to break it apart depending on which directions you are bending it.

When evaluating wallets made from carbon fiber, it is important to consider their real value. True carbon is costly and it takes time to physically produce or make one item using the material. That is why carbon fiber wallets are of very high quality and expensive. However, the total amount of carbon fiber in different wallets differs greatly. The higher the percentage of the carbon fiber the higher the quality, thus more expensive.

Also, the quality of these wallets is determined by the finishing. There are two types of finishes which are matte and gloss. Meaning that the finishing can either be dry or wet. For dry application, the final product will have a matte finish while the wet will produce a matte finish. The dry finish is lighter than the wet but in reality, the weight of this material is negligible. Now that you are fully aware of what you are looking for in a wallet, let’s have a look at a few top picks in the following review.

We choose the 10 best carbon fiber wallets from 500.

  1. Kinzd Slim Carbon Fiber Wallet

    Carbon fiber slim card holder wallet
    Kinzd carbon fiber measures: 4.4 ” x 3.15″ x 0.12″ (11.2cm x 8cm x 0.3cm), 6 card slots, and 1 money or receipt pocket, it is also a RFID blocking wallet, keeps your vital information Secure. Be safe and protected from electronic Pick pocketing; blocking all RFID scanners and readers. Minimal & compact design, ultra slim, makes it easy to slide into your front or back pocket. The bill slot with small opening, very convenient for money/receipt in and out. this carbon fiber wallet is fit front pocket nicely, perfect for people who want thin and small wallet to hold money and cards.

  2. Spiex Slim Minimalist Wallet

    Spiex slim carbon fiber wallet
    This wallet comes with a built-in RFID signal blocking device to ensure that your documents stay safe. The stylish wallet measures 4.5”x3.20”x0.20”, making it super slim to fit comfortably in your pocket. However, this item comes in two types of leather which are Oil Wax Leather and Crazy Horse Leather to choose from. With its multiple compartments, you can always be sure of keeping your cards and cash safely in this wallet. Needless to say, this is a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, groomsmen, Christmas, and any other special occasion.

  3. FIDELO-Carbon Fiber-Minimalist Wallet

    FIDELO carbon fiber wallet
    To keep your bills and credit cards safe, you need a classic wallet with the best features. And the wallet of your choice should be FIDELO-Carbon Fiber-Minimalist Wallet. This wallet comes in two categories; the Original and Elite each with slightly different features. The wallet is well designed to be carried in your front or back pockets but can still fit well in your shirt pocket. FIDELO-Carbon Fiber-Minimalist is durable and light in weight. This means, when you buy it, you could probably be buying your last wallet.

  4. Common Fibers Men’s Max Real Carbon Fiber Bifold

    common fibers bifold carbon fiber wallet
    This product is made in the USA and it is designed from top quality aerospace grade carbon fiber material. Just like the latest brands of wallets, Men’s Max Real Carbon Fiber Bifold comes with RFID device to protect your credit cards against hackers. With its six credit slots, two slide compartments and the bifold for cash, you can be pretty sure that all your valuable documents will fit nicely in the wallet.

  5. Atziloose Carbon Fiber Wallet-Slim

    Atziloose carbon fiber wallet
    Atziloose Carbon Fiber Wallet Slim is fitted with an RFID device to ensure that the safety of your credit cards from electronic pickpocketing is guaranteed. Given that it is entirely made from the carbon fiber material, the wallet is light in weight, strong and durable. It weighs 0.6oz and measures 3.6″x2.25″. Generally, Carbon Fiber Wallet-Slim allows you to carry slightly over 10 credit cards and your bills at the same time.

  6. Tribe Carbon Fiber RFID-Blocking Minimalist-Card Wallet

    ribe Carbon Fiber wallet
    If you are looking for a minimalist wallet that can carry ten credit cards and cash, then Tribe Carbon Fiber RFID Blocking is what you need. This durable wallet is designed from high-quality carbon fiber materials to give you an assurance of durability and style. The fascinating part of this wallet is its two plates which enable you to have faster access to your cash and cards. On the other hand, the money bars give an allowance to carry more or less cash for your own convenience.

  7. Chelmont Ultimate Slim-Mini Wallet

    Chelmon bifold carbon fiber wallet
    Your love for front pocket minimalist wallets will definitely take you to Chelmont Ultimate Slim-Mini Wallet. This is your ultimate choice of a genuine leather wallet that can comfortably fit right in your front pocket. However, the wallet comes with one ID slot, two functional slots, three card slots and one big slot for cash. The RFID will keep your cards safe from prying eyes, giving you peace of mind wherever you go.

  8. FIDELO Carbon Fiber-Minimalist Wallet

    FIDELO carbon fiber wallet
    Products from FIDELO are backed with a one-year money back guarantee. This means that when you purchase FIDELO Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet, you shouldn’t worry about any risks. The product has RFID blocking technology that will keep your credit cards safe from hackers. This ultra-sleek wallet is a must-have if you really want to do away with the bulky traditional wallet. Using this wallet, you can comfortably carry about 15 cards at once. Also, the wallet features handcrafted carbon fiber plates that come in four designer colors to choose from.

  9. Casmonal Men’s Leather Wallet-Slim Front Pocket Wallet

    Casmonal bifold carbon fiber wallet
    Casmonal Men’s Leather Wallet is a slim bifold wallet measuring 4 ⅛”x3 ⅛”x 1/2″. It is so slim that you can only hold US banknotes in its cash slot only. This is a functional wallet that enables you to access your cards easily and it comes with 1 slot, 2 card slots and 1 big cash slot for your daily use. For the safety of your cards, the wallet is fitted with RFID to block hackers from accessing information from your card.

  10. TRAVANDO Money Clip Wallet-”RIO”

    TRAVANDO bifold carbon fiber wallet
    Even though TRAVANDO is a slim wallet, the best part of it is that it can easily hold well up 14 credit cards and cash while in your front pocket. In other words, this stylish and slim wallet was designed primarily to fit perfectly inside your pocket. When it comes to the security of your credit cards, TRAVANDO Money Clip Wallet has you covered with the cutting-edge technology of RFID. And its embossed logo makes this wallet a unique item that you cannot fail to include in your budget.

Final Verdict

Gone were the days when traditional wallets were the talk of the town. With the introduction of minimalist slim wallets, everyone’s attention has suddenly shifted to these new wallets for obvious reasons-style, simplicity and convenience. As if that is not enough, carbon fiber slim wallets have emerged as the ultimate choice for those who value quality, durability, strength and style. But one thing remains certain, the choice of your wallet depends on your needs, taste and preference.

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