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      Brand: Elevation Lab


      • The best way to keep AirTag in your wallet.
      • Flexible unlike other hard plastic cases.
      • Ultra-thin, no additional thickness added to AirTag.
      • Stays hidden - shorter than a credit card.
      • Keeps AirTag from falling out.

      Package Dimensions: 4.6 x 3.9 x 0.5 inches

      Based on analyzing the customer reviews from the provided Elevation Lab TagVault Thinnest AirTag Wallet, here are the key takeaways:

      Positive Feedback
      - Very slim and thin design allows it to fit easily in wallets without much bulk. Customers mention it does not take up much space.
      - Made of flexible rubber that allows the AirTag to be securely held in place within wallets. Many mention it fits snugly.
      - Allows the AirTag signal to pass through so the AirTag can still be tracked even when wallet is closed.

      Negative Feedback
      - Adds some thickness to the wallet since the AirTag itself has some bulk. Some customers were hoping it would slim down the AirTag more.
      - The flexible rubber means the AirTag can pop out if not placed securely in a tight wallet pocket. May not be ideal for all wallet types.

      - Most customers are very satisfied with the slim, flexible design that fits their AirTags seamlessly into their wallets. It helps reduce the bulk of the AirTag.
      - Ideal for secure wallets with pockets or slots to keep the holder and AirTag in place. May not work as well for looser wallets.
      - Recommended for those looking for a low profile way to store their AirTags within their wallets. Provides protection and security.

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