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      Leather Backpack

      When buying a leather backpack, focus on quality, functionality and style. For quality, look for full-grain leather that will last a lifetime and develop a rich patina with age. Check that strong stitching reinforces stress points and sturdy zippers and buckles won’t fail after a few uses. As for functionality, consider how you'll use the bag. A simple large compartment suits as a carry-on while multiple pockets keep gadgets and gear organized for work or school. Try on different styles in person to determine the right size and how comfortably the straps sit.

      Once you’ve found a bag constructed of high-quality leather in the perfect size, evaluate the extra details. For a vintage look, brass hardware and buckle accents are ideal while sleek polished metal suits urban environments. If you'll carry electronics, a padded sleeve prevents scratches. When possible, choose a bag with a lifetime warranty which protects your investment for years to come.

      While the initial cost of a well-made leather backpack may seem steep, it's a bag that becomes a trusted companion. My own leather backpack has only improved with age, the rich brown leather softening and distressing over time to become uniquely my own. When cared for properly with water repellant and conditioner, a leather backpack provides a lifetime of service. Keep these tips in mind to find a stylish, function and lifelong bag certain to serve you well for countless adventures ahead. A quality leather backpack is the kind of bag that becomes an old friend, one you look forward to slinging over your shoulder for the open road.
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