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      Maintenance Tips
      1. Please avoid any friction to damage the surface of the bag;
      2. To prevent direct sunlight, to prevent the pattern fade;
      3. When storing, please keep it in the dust belt enclosed;
      4. Keeping the bag in dry condition and avoid direct contact with high temperatures;
      5. Please avoid prolonged exposure to pigment (such as magazines, other leather, etc.)
      6. Please avoid direct contact with grease and cosmetics that may penetrate into the leather bag;
      7. When cleaning is required, slightly clean the bag with cloth or brush that accompanied by water and soap,
      but please avoid direct contact leather surface. Using a soft and dry cloth to wipe the Leather part ( Please do not use any soap or solvent).

      Package List:
      1 x cosmetic bag, don't include any makeup or accessories. Item model number: AS193-B