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      Product description

      Kinzd New Release: Mens Slim Bifold Leather Front Pocket Wallet with Money Clip

      So, this money clip bifold wallet, AS137, is a brand new product. Before it been created, we did a deep investigation on the market. And we found that people much prefer to carry a small wallet instead of a big fat wallet. But they are forced to carry the bulky wallet because people nowadays always have many cards to go with. A lot of cards: ID card, driver's license, credit cards, various bank cards, public transport cards, business cards, some membership cards, etc. And of cause still, need to carry some cash. It seems we have to accept the big wallet.

      But Kinzd would like to try, try to make difficult things happen. We first decided to choose money clip model, which can significantly reduce the wallet's thickness without the 2 sides leather of money slots. Then, we shorten the width, finally to be 75mm. As you know, the US dollar's width is 66.3mm. To fully cover your cash, 9mm wider is necessary.

      Third, we added 8 card slots inside the wallet, 4 card slots on each side. 8 is enough for some, but 11 is better for most. So we added 2 card slots and 1 ID window on the outside. These outside card slots are very convenient because we don't need to open the wallet to take the cards out. We suggest you put the most frequent using cards in these outside slots, and the window is perfect for your license.

      This is RFID Blocking Wallet: Keeps your vital information in cards from being stolen anywhere. Does Block 13.56 MHz Frequency (Credit cards, debit cards, driver license, and ID cards); Does NOT Block 125 KHz signal (ID badge, access cards, and hotel room cards).

      That's all, hope you will like our Kinzd slim money clip wallet.

      Kindly note: we are happy to hear any advice or suggestion from you. You can email us or write your ideas in the review.


      When Kinzd creates a product, We have a target audience in mind. The packaging is one that speaks directly to our Audience. Product packaging is all about colors, images, and finish. Undoubtedly, it’s the vibrant colors, stylish fonts, and even the shape of Our packaging which attracts the customers, But we Kinzd Believe good packaging is much more than this. The product packaging relies on several factors which means there’s more to a label than a pretty design.

      Whether you are treating yourself or giving a gift to someone else, Kinzd wants you to have an amazing and memorable experience. All items will be shipped using our signature gift packaging. Depending on the type and size, your item(s) will come wrapped in our signature microsuede sleeve, drawstring bag or soft velour bag (each with black tie accents), and be packaged inside a high-density bronze gift box. You will also have the opportunity to add a personalized gift message when you place your order.

      All of this extra attention to detail is complimentary.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      B.Alan Bates
      Kinzd Carbon Bifold wallet with money clip

      I replaced my leather Kinzd bifold money clip wallet that i have used forl least 5 years, with the carbon fiber model. This model money clip is by far my favorite , At this time iam very pleased and prefer the cabon fiber over the leather

      Gil Dresback
      My favorite wallet

      This is the second one I've bought in 4 months. After my dog eat my first one I went right to my order history and bought another. I took me 6 months to find a wallet I liked the didn't cost an arm and a leg, and this is it! A minimalist design with everything I need. Definitely recommend.

      James Jolly
      Slim and lots of cards spaces

      The description is accurate and I haven't much to add in order to help those considering the purchase. I will mention that it was the first one he'd owned, of this front pocket variety, which places the money clip in this particular position. He was very pleased with this aspect as well. My wallet goes in my purse so I've no idea why he was so pleased. I can only say that he was. Hope that's helpful.

      Jimmy V
      My top choice in minimalist wallets

      I purchased five minimalist wallets. This one was my easy favorite. The feature that put this wallet over the top was the money clip. Its tension is adjustable to your preference and can handle just a few bills or many. I found the use of a money clip was preferable to an actual currency pocket in these minimalist wallets.
      This design choice makes it easy to access the cards when there is the currency in the clip but it left me a little concerned that credit cards might come out on their own. My concern proved unfounded. All credit cards remained firmly in place.

      nathan H
      Thinnest Functional Wallets

      This is honestly the thinnest wallet I’ve ever owned. It is slim, narrow, light, holds cash and all of my cards. I really like this wallet and am pleased with my selection.