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      Identity theft is nothing new nowadays. This denim slim wallet has built-in RFID signal blocking material layers, which can block the signal from 10MHz to 30GHz. For instance, Credit/Debit/ID card, driver license, and passport. But it won't block the signal from 125 kHz(like ID badge, some old hotel room cards or building access cards).

      The Best Way to Protect Your Smart Cards from unwanted capture of data such as  - Debit or Credit Cards - Enhanced Drivers License  - Protects against access by NFC-equipped Smartphones


      It is one of the most special gifts for Groomsmen, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Father's Day, Christmas and other Special Occasions.


      When Kinzd creates a product, We have a target audience in mind. The packaging is one that speaks directly to our Audience. Product packaging is all about colors, images, and finish. Undoubtedly, it’s the vibrant colors, stylish fonts, and even the shape of Our packaging which attracts the customers, But we Kinzd Believe good packaging is much more than this. The product packaging relies on several factors which means there’s more to a label than a pretty design.

      Whether you are treating yourself or giving a gift to someone else, Kinzd wants you to have an amazing and memorable experience. All items will be shipped using our signature gift packaging. Depending on the type and size, your item(s) will come wrapped in our signature microsuede sleeve, drawstring bag or soft velour bag (each with black tie accents), and be packaged inside a high-density bronze gift box. You will also have the opportunity to add a personalized gift message when you place your order.

      All of this extra attention to detail is complimentary.

      Gift Packaging

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews
      Not the same as before

      I previously purchased this wallet and it was really good quality, but I accidentally lost it so I purchased a new one. However, this new one I've bought no longer uses a genuine leather on the front, and therefore does not look as good. I wonder how long this one will last too... It's a shame really, I guess I'll never have that good wallet ever again ☹️

      Prateek Trivedi
      Comfortable wallet

      Product as its name "slim pocket wallet for men", good quality and package. will see how long it can last and maybe update the information later.

      Barbara Ness
      Minimalist wallet exactly what you get.

      I liked the slim look, easy to put in the front pocket of pants or a shirt. It seems to be built well. My only negative comment is that it's hard to get cash out of the middle of this thing. I think as time goes on it will be fine and easier to get cash out.

      Chris L
      Nice Compact Travel Wallet

      Perfect for my purpose. Nicely made. Holds a few credit cards, a day's worth of cash. This will be my primary wallet for a 3 week trip to Europe this summer. I'm not checking luggage, and since I will be cycling for a week, I needed something small to fit in my hydration pack. I will also use a coin purse to supplement this so I can avoid taking the wallet out unless absolutely necessary.

      Jake Morrow
      Great simplistic card and money holder

      Great material and look exactly as shown and described. Great value for the price! I carry only 3 credit cards, 1 ID, a transit card, office batch and a few Bill's. I hate to carry a bulky wallet and nowadays many things are stored on the phone anyway.