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      Product Description

      Kinzd Money Clip Carbon Fiber Minimalist Credit Cardholder

      This is the very definition of simplicity and minimalist design. There is no reason to be fumbling with bulky wallets that stretch fabric and cause uneven seating. With the new Money Clip and Card Holder from Kinzd, you can secure all your cash, credit cards, and business cards in high-quality carbon fiber.

      This lightweight clip is durable and holds up to 10 credit cards giving you plenty of room to keep everything you need easily in reach. The minimalist design is perfect to keep in your front pocket or in the inside pocket of your suit or blazer.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Nice Carbon Fiber Moneyclip!

      Best money clip I’ve ever owned. Usually, I am using a pair of pliers to close the bent up clip. Not with this product! It’s so light, consistently goes back to original shape doesn’t bend out of shape. Perfect material for the job. Always maintains its grip.

      Nice money clip

      Looks great too! No reason to spend a lot of extra money on one of the competitors which look and perform the same as this one.

      Great clip at a fantastic price

      Really nice money clip! It is most definitely real carbon fiber! the clip is also nice and wide. You can take as many cards out of the clip at any time and the rest won't fall out.

      Carbon Fiber Money Clip

      I love this item! I needed it for carrying my loose cash and it is sharp looking and tremendously functional, even for larger wads of cash! I was concerned that the tension of too many bills may break it, but it has held up very well, presumably due to the carbon fiber construction.
      This item is stylish and great value. It also appears pretty scratch resistant thus far, since it is in my pocket with my keys and has not been marred at all! Definitely a terrific deal and a well-made product!

      Money-clip convert

      The best wallet I’ve had. I’ve gone through a few wallets and really when it comes down to it the money clip is best for most uses. I like this clip and will stick with it. I think it will serve my needs well.