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      Hate having a giant bulging wallet in your back pocket?

      This is the ONE you are looking for. Minimalist designed, slim and small, Bulk Storage, up to 4-5 cards and several cash notes, and one ID, durable genuine leather, looks beautiful, feels great.

      Most RFID blocking sleeves are bulky & difficult to carry when traveling, but this one has been designed with the modern traveler in mind. Extra slim, lightweight & perfectly portable. Best minimalist wallet is preferred among men & women travelers looking to lighten their load while still protecting their identity, credit cards, passport cards, licenses, etc.

      It's a great front pocket wallet, a small compact cardholder. It's enough for your daily use, walking around, light travel, nearby shopping.

      The Kinzd Wallet Features 8 Slot Compartments - Plenty of Room!

      • 4 slots for holding credit cards, debit cards, bank cards, passport cards
      • 1 clear window slot with finger glide for ID, work badge or driver's license
      • 2 side-slip pockets for business cards, membership cards, train cards, etc
      • 1 middle pocket for cash bills, tickets, receipts, coupons, notes & so on
      Minimalist Slim Wallet Specifications: 4 1/2” x 3 1/5” x 1/5”, Extremely Thin & Lightweight: 0.15LB

      No-hassle 12-month free replacement guarantee for the Kinzd wallet.


      When Kinzd creates a product, We have a target audience in mind. The packaging is one that speaks directly to our Audience. Product packaging is all about colors, images, and finish. Undoubtedly, it’s the vibrant colors, stylish fonts, and even the shape of Our packaging which attracts the customers, But we Kinzd Believe good packaging is much more than this. The product packaging relies on several factors which means there’s more to a label than a pretty design.

      Whether you are treating yourself or giving a gift to someone else, Kinzd wants you to have an amazing and memorable experience. All items will be shipped using our signature gift packaging. Depending on the type and size, your item(s) will come wrapped in our signature microsuede sleeve, drawstring bag or soft velour bag (each with black tie accents), and be packaged inside a high-density bronze gift box. You will also have the opportunity to add a personalized gift message when you place your order.

      All of this extra attention to detail is complimentary.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Anant Kishore
      Nice for the minimalist.

      I am a woman and drive for a living. I don't usually have room for a purse but always need proper i.d. This small enough it fits well in my front or back pocket. It is big enough to hold id, credentials, atm card, credit card, Jamba Juice card and cash.

      Luis Lopez
      Small enough for most places

      This is the second time I have bought this wallet for my husband. He lost his first one and he wanted me to get the exact same one. Helps with not having a large wallet to sit on in car and helped with some of his back issues because of that.

      TL Poole
      Great slimmest wallet

      Works great...pretty slim...i have 6 cards usually not including my ID and can store a few bills as well. Tested out the RFID and works great, no issues.

      Shawn Rupani
      Useful. Color is especially nice.

      I use minimalist wallets when I am out hiking, or walking the dog, or at the gym, etc. (I wish I could use them all the time, but I can’t.). Because they are stuffed into my back pocket, the minimalist wallets take a bit of a beating. That’s unfortunate, but—again—unavoidable. This wallet is a very nice replacement for the somewhat battered one that I was using.

      Scott C
      Nice simple wallet without the bulkiness

      The wallet is super minimalist and thin! It really helps recent the bulge in my back pocket that was actually giving me lower back pain. Great wallet, super functional and fits all my cards. Also a plus for me is the rfid blocking that the wallet has.