{Fashion Monday} Dress Smart with Kinzd Leather Belts

Date:2017-08-24   Author:Romance Ye

leather belt

Kinzd is a small business borne out of Hong Kong catering to men’s fashion since 2012. Last month I had the privilege of introducing you to this brand when I reviewed the toilet bags and wallet. Many mentioned how unfamiliar they were with the brand, here is another opportunity to learn more.

The origins of Kinzd are as clear as mud but one thing is for sure, men’s fashion is their main aim. Starting off with making affordable but quality leather based wallets and moving to belts. It has only been a couple of years since they introduced the female range offering quality products.

The women’s wallet I received has become my go to wallet. It is small and compact but has lots of space for cards and money. The cosmetic and toilet bags are no exception, with simple design but one of quality. So I was more than eager to review the leather belts when the opportunity presented itself.

Dress Smart with Kinzd Leather Belts

I will not lie to you, I am not that good at putting together men’s outfits hence why I don’t share them often. The only influences I look to in my life are my brother and my father plus a couple of uncles. Both my brother and dad have a smart casual type of attire which I totally love. Plus both look absolutely gorgeous in a suitcase and are a total knock-out.

When I think of an attire that I find attractive on a man it’s smart casual, don’t get me wrong I still love a man in a suit anyway day. But daily smart casual is what calls to my inner huntress and I am ready to prowl on beat.

dress leather belt

My idea of a smart casual attire for men is one consisting of nicely tailored trouser and a smart casual shirt. Whilst there are many outfits and trousers that look best without a belt, for me it has to be belted. These days some men have no sense of style and one pet perv on men’s fashion is ‘sagging’. I honestly always feel the need to run up to these men and pull their trousers down. They don’t seem to want them up but half way between undress and half assed. I always want to say, either take them off or get yourself a decent belt to hold them up. Speaking of belts, here is my mini review on Kinzd Leather Belts.

We were sent two types of men’s leather belts for the men in my life to try;

ratchet dress belt

The Ratchet Dress Belt has no holes only a buckle and pull through making it easy to put on even for kids. The belt is crocodile printed and is most suitable for a business look but looks great casually too. When I opened the box, the belt was nicely coiled and wrapped in a cloth to keep the leather clean. The belt is made from ‘Full grain vegetable tanned leather‘ which is durable and sturdy. It is more nature, comfortable and friendly to environment.

classic men's leather belt

The classic men’s leather belt is also made from ‘Full grain vegetable’ tanned leather. It is quite durable and sturdy, more nature, comfortable and friendly to environment. They are not the same for their entire life, but they change, continuously, for the better. I found the belt to be really smooth and great looking and would work best on everything.

Both belts came in a gift box packaged nicely with sturdiness and elegance. Kinzd offers a NO HASSLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE within 30 days if you’re not happy. The brand offers a 100% satisfaction guaranteed, with excellent customer service.