Kinzd Travel Cosmetic Bag Organizer

We own countless makeup bags that came with beauty gift with purchase offers. These GWP bags are pretty, but not very sturdy or well-organized. The Kinzd Travel Cosmetic Bag Organizer holds our makeup neatly so that every product has its’ place. It even safely carries glass bottles. And bonus: it’s long enough and wide enough to transport multiple Urban Decay Naked Palettes at once without being bulky.


The Kinzd Cosmetic bag is a double-layer makeup organizer with multiple compartments suitable for carrying various makeup tools, jars, brushes, and cases within waterproof compartments that make it easy to find items and protect your makeup in the event something spills or breaks. I like these features because I hate digging through a makeup bag to find something that sunk to the bottom, and I hate when something leaks and gets all over the rest of my makeup.

This bag has dual compartments, a top main compartment, and a bottom zippered compartment.


It has a wide open mouth top that opens like a doctor’s’ bag, so you can see all your makeup at once. Don’t you hate digging through your makeup bag when doing touchups, trying to find that one item like a liner or lipstick that has sunk to the bottom of the bag? Not a problem with this case! It is deep, but it is easy to find even small thin items like liner pencils. There is ample room to hold tools like eyelash curlers.

Kinzd Travel Cosmetic Bag Organizer

Wide and deep enough to hold an eyelash curler without crushing it, plus full makeup and skincare products

It is deep and roomy enough to store all kinds of makeup, including bulky items like an eyelash curler or brush, palettes, eye shadow, lipsticks, foundation, or face wash, moisturizer, toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, creams and also it can hold bottles and jars. I like to be able to carry liquid sprays such as my MAC Prep & Prime spray bottle without fear of it breaking and leaking.

Kinzd Travel Cosmetic Bag Organizer

 Kinzd Travel Cosmetic Bag Organizer case

The top compartment of the Kinzd Travel Cosmetic Bag Organizer case is deep enough to hold my full-size sunscreen, the large 2.8 ounce Lordsbury Retinol+C, Cream Moisturizer, a Tarte Eyelash curler, two Urban Decay Naked palettes, a Naked Basics palette, a Nars multiple stick, a full-size almost 2-ounce Mac Strobe Cream, an Hourglass powder compact, Benefit WattsUp Highlighter, Lipstick Queen blush, an eyeshadow quad, Nars Foundation, and more!

The case is long enough and wide enough to fit even multiple Urban Decay Naked Palettes.

Kinzd Travel Cosmetic Bag Organizer

Kinzd Bag is wide enough to hold multiple Urban Decay Naked Palettes
Kinzd Travel Cosmetic Bag Organizer
Multiple Urban Decay Naked palettes fit with room to spare for other products.


The bottom compartment folds out to reveal a double brush row to hold numerous brushes, liner pencils, lipglosses, lipsticks, and click pen items such as Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat or even fatter click-pen concealers such as the By Terry Foundation Pens. It can keep thin mascaras, and other pencil shaped cosmetics.

Kinzd Travel Cosmetic Bag Organizer

One side holds thick click pens like By Terry Foundation, YSL Touche Eclat, plus liners, lipstick, glosses, and a sonic foundation makeup brush.

There are several narrow slots for holding brushes, eyeliners, and lipsticks. It fits my eyeshadow brushes and blush and contour brushes well, small brushes like my mascara fan brush, and eyeliners ranging from a simple pencil style to liquid liners like Urban Decay’s Razor Sharp liquid liner. The side seen below on the top has staggered storage compartments that can fit some very large and thick products or small shadow palettes.

Kinzd Travel Cosmetic Bag Organizer

The double brush roll holds long and thick brushes, sonic foundation applicators, angled and fluffy head brushes can keep their shape, and it holds click pens, lipsticks, and liners. I love being able to find everything I need quickly.

There is also a snap-in, clear, fold-out plastic envelope, similar to a pencil case, that is ideal for carrying a phone, a makeup palette, or liquid items that can leak, such as perfumes, sprays, washes, dry shampoo, root lifter powder, loose powder, sunscreen, lotions, etc.

I like having these smaller items organized so I can quickly assess what makeup I have with me at any given time. This makes it easier to find what I need for quick touchups.


  • Made of Nylon Oxford, a lightweight, flexible nylon fabric. The bag is waterproof and is very easy to clean. I got some foundation on the front by accident and it still cleaned off the next day.
  • The size of the bag is about 9.5” by 6.7” by 5”.
  • All zippers are well made and can glide easily without getting stuck.
  • It has leather handles for easy carrying or hanging. I find the hanging feature useful at the gym or a public restroom when I don’t want to put my bag down on the wet counter but want to access my beauty products and keep my hands free.
Kinzd Travel Cosmetic Bag Organizer
Easy glide zippers, even when stuffed to the brim!

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