Mens Wallet Brands Top 10 2020

Purchasing a new wallet is one of the most critical decisions men have to make. Not only do you need a durable and high-quality wallet for keeping your ID, cash, and credit cards safe, but you also need to choose a stylish one that reflects your own style and personality. Quality wallets are renowned for their high level of convenience and durability. Furthermore, they are built using high-quality materials such as leather, thereby ensuring the stylish accessories last a long time. Below we present an updated list of mens wallet brands top 10 2019 that are worth every penny.

When you want to be sure you’re choosing the right wallet, it is important to know that the quality of the leather is the ultimate determinant of the choice of men’s wallets. Some thoughtful souls will ponder over the color of leather or the number of pockets available. Despite this, we often forget that a man’s wallet is a functional, defining accessory with a distinctive look and feel. Below is a rundown of the most popular leather wallet brands in 2019.

Mens Wallet Brands Top 10 from Amazon 2019

1. Kinzd


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Kinzd men’s slim wallet have standard style, priced great, and made from high-quality genuine leather. The wallets maximize storage space, thanks to their great designs.

2. Spiex


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When it comes to the choice of super minimalist and slim wallets, Spiex brands lead the pack. One of its notable features is an effective RFID blocking the signal that keeps your credit cards safer. This brand features 4 card slots, a clear finger glide personal ID window, 1 large pocket and 2 functional card slots. With its genuine leather materials, Spiex wallets are long lasting and strong.



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SERMAN BRANDS wallets come with a 12-month warranty that covers all factory defects. This brand takes priority in the safety and privacy of your cards thanks to its cutting-edge technology in advanced RFID blocking for the safety of your cards. The slim design and genuine leather material used in its construction make SERMAN BRAND of wallets stylish and durable. Wallets under this brand come with a quick access ID window, 6 to 8 card slots and US bills including 2 pockets and a money clip.

4. SlimFold


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SlimFold brand of wallets is made in the US to hold up to 8 cards at once. These wallets are 2 to 3 times thinner than most of the leather wallets but are known to be of very high performance. The Soft Shell materials give the product the ultimate durability including its waterproofness features. Just like most of the other brands, SlimFold is fitted with RFID blocking option to keep the information in your cards safe.

5. Herschel


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Herschel brand of wallets are a product from Herschel Supply Company and they come with a whole lot of features that you cannot overlook if you really want a stylish and minimalist wallet. This brand of wallets is made from 100 percent polyester materials, weighing about 0.64 ounces with dimensions of 0.2×4.1 x 3.1 inches, making it a compact and stylish but convenient wallet. The RFID blocking device in the wallet ensures that the information on your credit or debit cards is not compromised by electronic thieves, thus giving you peace of mind.



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FIDELO is really a game changer and you can attest that from its superior ultra-modern design. This brand gives you a reason to improve your everyday carry of your personal items thanks to its 100 percent genuine carbon fiber materials it is designed from. As a matter of fact, you can use FIDELO to cut down on bulk while carrying a maximum of 15 cards comfortably. And its security features are top notch, whereby your personal information will remain out of reach by any unwarranted electronic thief.

7. Vaultskin


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These wallets are made using the luxurious top quality genuine Italian leather material that is soft and durable giving you a sophisticated look and feel. Its security features are second to none with the RFID blocking technology included to keep your cards safe. The wallets have a capacity to hold up to 10 cards as well as driver’s license among other items of great importance.

8. Alpine Swiss

Alpine Swiss

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Alpine Swiss is a brand of men’s wallets made from genuine leather that is lined skillfully with a faux sheepskin fur and footbed to give you comfort and warmth. The thermoplastic rubber outsoles are flexible and superior for strength and durability. Other features include the magnetic money clip and the super sleek design.



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If you’re looking for a minimalist stylish aluminum wallet, ROCO brand has you covered. Actually, this is an improved version complete with a wider band to hold your items in place. ROCO has the RFID blocking technology to keep your cards’ information safe from thieves. Its ultra slim design is crafted using a flexible silicone brand for strength and durability while holding up to 20 cards at once.

10. Travelambo


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Travelambo is one of the top quality brands of wallets that come with a one year warranty that guarantees you a free replacement of the item or full refund should you find some defects on the product. Being a minimalist wallet designed using genuine leather materials, you can rest assured that Travelambo is a convenient and durable brand of wallets featuring 29 slots to hold your personal items in place. The RFID blocking technology is included to keep your personal information safe from prying eyes of electronic pickpockets.

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