Mens Wallet Brands Top 10 2019

Mens Wallet Brands Top 10

Purchasing a new wallet is one of the most critical decisions men have to make. Not only do you need a durable and high-quality wallet for keeping your ID, cash, and credit cards safe, but you also need to choose a stylish one that reflects your own style and personality. Quality wallets are renowned for their high level of convenience and durability. Furthermore, they are built using high-quality materials such as leather, thereby ensuring the stylish accessories last a long time. Below we present an updated list of mens wallet brands top 10 2019 that are worth every penny.

When you want to be sure you’re choosing the right wallet, it is important to know that the quality of the leather is the ultimate determinant of the choice of men’s wallets. Some thoughtful souls will ponder over the color of leather or the number of pockets available. Despite this, we often forget that a man’s wallet is a functional, defining accessory with a distinctive look and feel. Below is a rundown of the most popular leather wallet brands in 2019.

Mens Wallet Brands Top 10 2019

  1. Montblanc

    Montblanc is a popular brand, which is synonymous with luxurious quality. Combining a classic and sharp design with truly exceptional genuine leather, the wallets under this brand are as highly sophisticated as you would expect a quality accessory to be.

  2. Gucci

    The Gucci brand is synonyms with opulence and luxury. The label has continued to produce highly sought after leather products including men’s wallets.

  3. Urban Forest

    These wallets feel very soft to the touch and look amazing. Urban Forest wallets are handcrafted and produced using genuine leather. While the wallets boast of superior quality, they are reasonably priced.

  4. Kinzd

    Kinzd men’s slim wallet have standard style, priced great, and made from high-quality genuine leather. The wallets maximize storage space, thanks to their great designs.

  5. Givenchy

    Givenchy designs create a magically appealing blend between bold and understated. The brand has followed the design aesthetic by blending traditional charm with a mix of modern attitude. The wallets by Givenchy are classic and cool enough for everyday use. The wallets also provide the perfect blend of function and fashion.

  6. K London

    When looking at cool wallets, K London is one of the leading brands in the industry. The designs by K London are sharp and detailed. The wallets produced by the brand come in so many amazing textures and colors and are comfortable and easy to carry around. If you wish to own a stylish wallet with a different pattern, then K London is a great choice.

  7. Balenciaga

    Even though creating high-quality leather products is no simple task, some brands do it almost effortlessly and Balenciaga is a good example of a label with a broad range of perfectly crafted wallets. Even though the brand is almost 100 years old, the designs by Balenciaga have remained contemporary and current, thereby making the label an all-round fantastic brand.

  8. Laurels

    The brand specializes in producing Pu-Leather. The wallets produced by Laurel boast of a classy look and slim design. The unique feature of these wallets is that they incorporate secret pockets and memory card slots, which make the wallets stand out. The Laurel men’s wallets are a bargain if you consider the prices they are sold for.

  9. Hermes

    Leather goods are some of Hermes’ specialties. Consequently, it is no surprise that Hermes is a major brand renowned for producing great wallets. These wallets are ideal for the gentleman who is attracted to the sophisticated nature of the French style. The wallets are polished, suave, and offer so much more.

  10. Louis Vuitton

    Of course, the list would be incomplete without Louis Vuitton. This luxury brand is a leading name in the industry with a history of producing quality leather wallets for many decades. Nowadays, the label offers customers countless options of wallets without compromising on its unique signature style.

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