名刺入れ サブー財布
Kinzd® 輪コム カードケース カードホルダー 名刺入れ サブー財布


二つ折り財布 カーボンレザー
Kinzd® 二つ折り財布 カーボンレザー RFIDブロッキング 薄いタイプ 紙幣とカード収納 ビジネス用 メンズ


カーボンマネークリップ 財布
Kinzd® カーボンマネークリップ 財布 お札と紙幣収納 メンズ スタイリッシュ


Kinzd® 三つ折り財布 RFIDブロッキング 本革財布 カードと紙幣収納 ブラック


輪ゴムカードケース スリム財布
Kinzd® 輪ゴムカードケース スリム財布 カードと紙幣収納 ブラック


Kinzd® 本革マネークリップ 超薄型財布 カードポケットマグネットタイプ カードと紙幣収納RFIDブロッキングコンパクトメンズ


Kinzd® 本革カードポケット RFIDブロッキング 超薄い財布 コンパクト財布 メンズ


小さい財布 カードポケット
Kinzd® 小さい財布 カードポケット RFIDブロッキング カードと紙幣収納


Kinzd® 超薄型財布 本革小さいウォレット カードとお札収納 二つ折り財布 メンズ


カードケース 本革定期入れ
Kinzd® カードケース 本革定期入れ たっぷり収納 大容量 じゃばら仕様 男女兼用


Kinzd® 小さい財布多カードポケット メンズ薄型本革財布 カードと紙幣収納 RFIDブロッキング


Kinzd® 薄型カードケース
Kinzd® 薄型カードケース RFIDブロックステンレスカードケース 6枚収納タイプ 持ち運びに便利 男女兼用


  • Why do you have the Power User Program?

    At Kinzd, we strive to design our products from a consumer perspective with a commitment to constant improvement. The Power User Program was created so we can more directly engage with users to learn how we can do better. Particularly for our newly released products, we offer a limited supply of free test samples in exchange for early feedback. This feedback helps us better gauge market response and get a head start on any areas that might need improvement. We also encourage Power Users to share their reviews publicly to help inform prospective buyers about what they can expect from new Kinzd products.

    Power Users are individuals who not only appreciate free products, they are pioneers who enjoy testing, sharing helpful suggestions to our product, marketing, and customer service teams. They also enjoy sharing their experiences with other prospective buyers.

  • What are the Program benefits?

    Power Users can apply for a free Kinzd product to review and keep up to 8 times every year (12 months from first product request). Selections will vary to reflect our product focus, but Power Users may choose according to their own interest – there is no obligation to receive or review an undesired product.

    Power Users also receive regular exclusive discounts on Kinzd products and have the opportunity to get bonus gifts after helping us complete surveys.

  • What are the Program responsibilities?

    Power Users are expected to test and provide detailed and unbiased feedback on the test sample within one week of receiving the product. If circumstances prevent a Power User from providing timely feedback, they are expected to provide advanced notice. Delayed feedback may impact eligibility to apply for future Kinzd products.

    Power Users are expected to help us by completing surveys that help us improve our products and brand image.

    If in need of assistance during the testing, Power Users are encouraged to contact our customer support team ( ) directly.

  • Who is eligible to apply?

    This program is not open to the public. Applicants are selected based on several criteria, including their history and helpfulness of reviews on Amazon and other sites such as YouTube, tech websites, forums, etc. Some basic requirements for application:

    1. Location:

    Applicants must reside in one of the following countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Canada, France, Italy, Spain.

    2. Active and helpful history:

    A. For applicants in the US, UK and Germany, note that our program has grown very quickly. In order to better distribute our limited resources across diverse online communities, we are having to limit our program to applicants qualifying for the requirements below:

    ● Comprehensive and detailed review history on amazon;
    ● Active online presence on platforms other than amazon, such as major tech websites (Top 600,000 on Alexa global rank and quality posts/threads), YouTube (at least 5000 subscribers & quality video), other forums (top 600,000 on Alexa global rank & senior member with quality posts/threads);
    ● Valid links to your amazon account, website, YouTube or forum must be provided for evaluation.

    B. For applicants from other countries, you must have an Amazon online account with a history of high quality reviews or be an established product reviewer or tech blogger.

    Kinzd maintains full rights to judge and determine an applicant’s acceptance into the Power User Program.

Problems submitting your application? Send an email to with the heading "Submission Problem" and we'll get back to you in at least three work days.