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      Product Feature:

      Kinzd New Style – Perfect men’s wallet, slim credit card holder, small and convenient to use, easy to keep it in your back pocket.

      Many people prefer the pocket on the outside where you can easily access your driver license without opening the wallet itself.

      Especially store cards including business cards, bank card, credit card, metro card, membership card, public transportation card, entrance guard card, etc.

      If you prefer the slim and thin wallet as a Credit Business Card Holder or Name Card Case but don’t like bulk/fat wallet, this is the best slim wallet for you.

      It is a great product, excellent material, beautifully made and great value.

      – Made of soft, durable genuine top Grain Leather

      – Slim, Sleek and Lightweight

      -Easy store up to 8-10 cards and a large number of bills

      – RFID Blocking Wallet: Keeps your vital information in cards from being stolen. Does Block 13.56 MHz Frequency (Credit cards, debit cards, driver license, and ID cards);

      Does NOT Block 125 kHz frequency.

      100% Guarantee:

      We trust that you will like all of our wallets, so we will offer a 6-month warranty.

      Should you have a question about our service or products, please contact us at sales@kinzd.com. Thank you.