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      We've rounded up the best slim RFID blocking wallets so you can shop with the peace of mind that your personal and financial data is safe and protected in any of these expertly crafted and beautifully designed wallets.

      Made from real full-grain leather, not the cheap stuff. If you're having back pain from your large bifold wallet, this is a great and easy way to alleviate that pain. Carrying this leather card wallet in your front pocket is both convenient and comfortable for every day carry. 

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      In today’s world, compactness is key. How is it possible to fit a full set of cash and cards in a minimalist wallet?

      Our Kinzd slim wallets support your minimalist lifestyle and are now available with RFID Security. The frequency waves from RFID scanners are strong enough to pass through your clothing, handbag or backpack, and wallet. This is why it’s so important to have a specialized material built into your wallet to block RFID scanners.

      The Kinzd cardholder wallet features 6 card slots, 1 ID window, 1 larger money pocket with convenient top-center access to easily fit in all kinds of cards. It is also very functional, durable and soft to touch as well as affordable. The smart design slim wallet for men is also very convenient for you to get your cards and bills out of the wallet. With a small size, it will never bulge in your front pocket, making it more practical and comfortable for our daily use.

      Kinzd is professional to offer all valued customers with High-Quality but cheap slim wallet plus leather money clip wallet made of genuine Leather with good stitching online. Most wallets are RFID so go ahead to pick up our best slim wallet online shop with free shipping. We have confidence you will find the discount slim wallet right for you: Sign up our newsletter for first order 20% off.