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      Product Description

      Kinzd New Arrival: Mens Extra Capacity Leather RFID Blocking Wallet Bifold Trifold Hybrid

      There are a lot of RFID Blocking Wallets on Amazon, many of them even look similar besides the logo. To be honest, our Kinzd is not confident surpassing other's RFID blocking technology. This new wallet, AS147, can only block the high-frequency signal. Such as 13.56 MHz (most chips of our cards use). But it has no ability to stop low-frequency signal like 125KHz (which used in many ID badges or hotel room cards).

      Thus, what we focused on are those primary factors about a good men's wallet, design, material, and handcraft.

      About Design: We know that a man in nowadays has many cards to carry, our survey shows 8-12 cards are frequently-used for most men. So we add 10 slots in this wallet, 9 card slots, and 1 ID window. Besides, there are 3 secret pockets inside for more cards or receipts. Plus 2 bill sections, this is a really extra capacity wallet. Why flip out ID window? It is designed for showing identity easier, show your driver license without taking it out.

      And we are proud of the humanized card slots design, you might have used some wallets that difficult to put the card in or take it out. But this wallet, you can feel very comfortable using cards.

      About Material: High-quality Genuine Cowhide Leather, soft, warm and durable. Real leather goods can be used for many years and will soften and mellow with age. Actually, the leather is the largest cost of this wallet.

      About Handcraft: Meticulous stitches. So ready to last many years.

      BTW, this wallet has a 6 months guarantee.

      Kindly note: we are happy to hear any advice or suggestion from you. That is to say, you can send us message or write your ideas in the review.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Kelsey Kirk
      Handy and handsome RFID wallet

      I bought this wallet for my husband because we are traveling to Europe and it is RFID blocking. I actually expected it to be a cheesy - just use on vacation- wallet but I was surprised. It is a beautiful and well made wallet. It is so nice (nicer than his current one) that I have decided to get him another for everyday use. After all, you can have your credit information stolen in the United States too!

      Cole Niccola
      RFID safe Firs perfectly in the back pocket

      I love the awesome new smell of leather. And this wallet has the new smell of leather. The wallet has been made correctly, the sewing stitching is straight and even and it is exactly as it was described online.

      Chris Swag
      Very nice color-perfect choice

      If you are looking for a well-priced wallet with good storage and a great feel, that isn't too bulky or uncomfortable to wear in your pocket, but this one. As a person with many credit/gift cards, this wallet had ample space for all of them, all my cash, and a special spot for my ID. It's not overly bulky and fits easily in any of my pockets.

      Gil Dresback
      Very Well Made Nice Looking Wallet

      I bought this wallet for my husband for his birthday. I bought it because it is an RFID bifold leather wallet & now days RFID is a must for a wallet. The wallet is very well made, has plenty of room for credit/debit cards & fits as expected. My husband was very pleased with it. I have not received any compensation for this review.

      James Jolly
      The wallet is soft and comfortable.

      I love it. The wallet to me is not stiff as others have said. It is softer than my other similar wallet.