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      The Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet
      Most people want to slim down the bulky wallet because they always complain that bulky wallet always bugles in the pocket, and they don't feel comfortable when sitting and driving for a long time, and maybe a scratch or rain pants. One of our clients told us, he lost the bulky wallet with plenty of important cards and information. After that, he learned a lesson and want super minimal wallet. So our Company has designed this new slim card holder wallet. Absolutely, this is the perfect Super minimalist wallet for those people, perfect for holding a few cards and cash. This Slimmest wallet Fits great in people front or back pocket comfortably.

      The lightest credit card holder
      Well-Made& functional; It may be the lightest credit card holder, sometimes you feel you have nothing in your pocket.

      Unique Design
      The center section has a quick-access pull tab makes it very easy to get the cards out.

      -------------------- UNBIASED REVIEW --------------------

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1 review
      Slim card case.

      Very well made and very logically placed cardholders and other storage pockets. There are two slits on each side which can make it really easy to grab card and cash.
      Very pleased with my purchase. High recommend.