What is carbon fiber

Have you ever used carbon fiber wallet? It is very durable and fashionable, maybe you need a kind of minimalist leather wallet made of carbon fiber leather, light and extremely slim men wallet with RFID blocking feature to protect our privacy that would perfectly fit your everyday office outfits.

What is carbon fiber?

There are many types of leathers, each serving a different purpose. Carbon fiber leather is a new kind of fiber material that consists of a high strength and modulus of carbon content. Carbon fiber has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and high modulus. It is an important material for both national defense and civil use. It not only has the intrinsic characteristic of carbon material, but also has the soft machinability of textile fiber sheet.

Most, men do not like backpacks, and always hope that the smaller wallet, the more exquisite the better. Especially with the rapid development of online payment, men’s carbon fiber card holder wallet is not only a place to put credit cards and cash, but also a symbol of taste. The carbon fiber wallet or carbon fiber money clip can do that.

It is said that there are few distinct things that help express a man’s personality and one of them is wallets. In addition to his ID Card, debit card, receipts, driving license, key chain, pocket address book, cash and USA dollar bills, they also indicated that he had a good futurn. So the wallet is very good to show a man’s accomplishments.

Carbon Fiber Wallet advantages:

1. Durable and Anti-Corrosion
2. Ultra Slim & Lightweight
3. RFID blocking
3. Refind material to ensure long life span
4. Water-Resistant

We don’t know how to tell what kind of standard is good? How to make carbon fiber? But we can judge from the product performance, the biggest characteristic of carbon fiber products is light, very light and solid. Many products are made from/via carbon fiber material such as carbon fiber sheet, carbon fiber wallpaper and carbon fiber cloth and so on.

Carbon fiber wallet

Kinzd Slim Carbon Fiber Wallet With Money Clip

Why should we carry a Carbon Fiber Wallet?

1. Durable

Handcrafted carbon wallet features a quality carbon fiber exterior and has the advantages of high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion.

2. Design

Women usually like fashion bag, so this slim carbon fiber wallet is popular style for men, with bright and serene grid carbon texture looks gorgeous, protecting your credit cards safely and well fits in your front pocket, with time pass by, lightweight carbon fiber card holder will be still like new.

3. Craftsmanship

All our carbon fiber wallet with money clip shows craftsmanship, Wear Resistant, Leather binding with reinforced stitching ensure long life use. Even it looks simple and sleek in outlooking, but it take times to perfect each step to build a carbon fiber wallet.


Carbon fiber wallet with RFID blocking feature and can block all RFID signals from your ID card, credit/debit card, driver license, and even passports come with radio frequency identification chips, protects you from data crimes.

Gift Box

All the individual wallet packed in a nice Gift-box, so you can easily gift it to your loved one on that special day.

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