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      A fat wallet can give you a pain in the back

      A fat wallet can give you a pain in the back

      Sitting on a big wallet can lead to big problems with your back over time.

      Would you believe that sitting in a big wallet is a really common problem? How many of you place your wallet in your back pocket and think nothing of leaving it there all day as you sit in your chair at work or in the car?

      Your hips and pelvis are the foundation for the low back. Think of them as the concrete foundation on your house. If the foundation is not constructed close to perfectly level, the rest of the house will be uneven as well. The taller the house, the greater it will be tilted.

      Your back can be exposed to the same scenario. If your wallet is in the back right pocket and you are sitting on it, the right hip and pelvis will be sitting higher than the left. The thicker the wallet, the more uneven the pelvis will be.

      A fat wallet can give you a pain in the back

      Have you ever noticed that no matter what position your body is in, your head will always attempt to remain upright? Your balance and vision work best when your head is in this position. For this reason, your brain will always attempt to keep your head in as close to an upright position as possible.

      When your pelvis is sitting unevenly, your lower back will lean to one side.

      Then, to compensate, your upper back and neck will always attempt to bend the other way. This will allow your head to be level. If this position or crooked posture is maintained for long periods of time, your back will begin to suffer.
      The curves put pressure on the joints of the back. The muscles become tired and achy. Even the nerves that exit the spine can become irritated, making matters even worse.

      This is when patients usually enter my office. They can’t understand why they are in such pain. They ask what is wrong with them considering they didn’t do any heavy lifting.

      In passing, I always ask them if they are storing their wallet in the back pocket of their pants. If the answer is yes, this is the first thing we eliminate.

      Then, with chiropractic treatment, we get their stiff and sore joints moving again. We also teach them to stretch the tight muscles.

      However, if the patient continues to leave the wallet in the pocket, the back pain may not go away. If it does disappear, it will likely reoccur.

      If you do not eliminate the cause of the back problem, the symptoms will almost always come back. This is why we tell patients to treat the cause of their problem, not just their symptoms.


      Can a Slim Wallet Really Help Your Back

      Can a Slim Wallet Really Help Your Back?

      Men, When you sit on your wallet. Regards!


      All jokes aside, putting a wallet in your back pocket has been proven to put stress on your hip joint and lower back, says Stuart McGill, Ph.D., professor of spine biomechanics at the University of Waterloo.

      Can a Slim Wallet Really Help Your Back

      This phenomenon was first described in The New England Journal of Medicine in 1966 and the condition was referred to as "credit-carditis." According to chiropractor Dr. Arnie Angrist, this "creates an asymmetry or imbalance that distorts your pelvis and hips," which can lead to all sorts of issues, like pain, degeneration, and agitation of the nerve in your backside (the sciatic). Over time, burdening these joints can even cause degeneration, leading to more pain.

      Stuffing a wallet in your back pocket tilts your pelvis to one side, which puts more stress on your spine. Instead of sitting upright, you actually round your lower back. The bigger the wallet, the more lopsided you sit resulting in more pain.

      The simple solution is to move your wallet to your front pocket. However, most leather billfolds are too bulky to comfortably fit in a front pocket. So a slim wallet that holds only the essentials is ideal.

      According to the Men’s Journal, here’s what you do about it: “Clear all the crap out of your wallet, then throw that wallet away. Get something slim that only lets you hold a few things at a time, like your ID and a couple of cards. It’ll force you to cut clutter, which you probably needed anyway. Now, the most important part: Stick that thing in your front pocket, and get your body back on track.”

      Can a Slim Wallet Really Help Your Back


      Does fat wallet really cause your back pain?

      Does fat wallet really cause your back pain?

      So many men carry around with them their bulky old leather wallets every day, we will all remember the episode of Seinfeld where George’s wallet got stuffed so full that he could not even close it. That episode might have overstated the case to make the point that the vast majority of men out there certainly do wedge way too much into that leather strap. That’s certainly not a comfortable thing to wedge in your pockets. A fat wallet really cause a bad back. Because most men keep their wallets in their back pockets. That’s fine when you are standing up, but sitting on your wallet for long periods can really cause some problems. When you sit in your back pocket with the fat wallet and you also sit on the sciatic nerve (a nerve that runs down your leg).

      Researchers have found that a wallet in your back pocket can, surprisingly, cause such unpleasant phenomena as:

      • back pain;
      • neck muscles tension;
      • back or feet numbness;
      • sciatic nerve area aches.

      Not only prolonged sitting or inappropriate footwear can be a source of back pain, but also a wallet full of bills, coins, and plastic cards. Uneven pressure distribution during sitting with this accessory in your back pocket leads to spine distortion and future problems. Scientists have found that a wallet changes pelvis and lumbar spine statics and can also cause idiopathic spinal cord herniation.

      To carry a wallet in your back pocket , it will distort your posture and cause your spine to be out of alignment. It can also puts pressure on your piriformis muscle which aggravates the sciatic nerve and can lead to sciatica. Carrying a big, fat wad of cash in your pocket can cause a lot of trouble for your back. The problem starts when your sciatic nerve, which is right behind your hip joint, gets pinched between the wallet and your hip itself. Not only it will cause pain that starts from your hip, but send aches all the way down your leg. And the bigger your wallet, the more lopsided you’re forced to sit—and the achier you’ll end up. Over 85% of Americans suffer from back pain at some time in their life. Sometimes you'll know exactly what's causing it – not lifting with your knees, being hunched over a desk, that pickup game of tackle football. It also could be a mysterious discomfort that you notice getting worse and worse. Large wallets also have connection with sciatica, which is a syndrome that causes pain in the lower extremities.

      Many doctors and physiotherapists advise that the best way to alleviate this pain is to make your wallet smaller by taking out unnecessary cards, old receipts and carrying as less cash as you can. By doing so, you’ll put less pressure on the sciatic nerve and the nerves of your back. And guys, carrying a big wallet not only looks bad, but also wear out your pants or even throw your back out.
      To minimize the stress on your body, we recommends a slim wallet that holds only the essentials. You can also beat the bulk by using a money clip wallet. They fit in a jacket pocket or side pants pockets and don’t blow the flow of your clothes. It’s better to shrink the wallet now than to shrink it later with medical bills. Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference!

      How to Identify a High-quality Leather Wallet Best Guide 2019

      How to Identify a High-quality Leather Wallet Best Guide 2019

      What differentiates a high-quality leather wallet from a poor quality counterfeit? You can easily tell which one will last and which ones won't by simply feeling, examining, and smelling each wallet. Below we’ll let you know how you can do this.

      The Feel & Smell of Leather Wallets

      While we won’t delve into the details of high-quality leather wallets, it is important to note that you should be checking for top-grain or full-grain leather. These last fifty times longer when compared to a variety of other leather grades while costing only twice as much. Even so, it is not easy to tell whether the material is top or full-grain leather by looking at the appearance. The manufacturers tend to mask low-quality leather such as bonded or genuine leather and faux leather thus making it look better.

      However, the manufacturers are yet to figure out how to imitate the smell and feel of high-quality leather. Therefore, this is your first clue in determining whether the leather wallet you’re buying is worth it or not. Use this technique for all kinds of leather wallets including slim credit card wallets, passcase wallets, and more. Perform the feel test by running your finger over the surface of the wallets. Quality leather products should not feel like wax or plastic. While leather has a distinct finish, it should ideally be light. A wallet with a thick finish probably isn’t top-grain or full grain leather and as such, might be faux leather or low-quality leather with a coat of polyurethane to provide the appeal and durability that are lacking in the primary material.

      You can also perform a quality check by smelling the leather. If you buy a wallet with a polyurethane coating or other thick finishes, then you will won’t miss the strong smell of chemicals applied over the material. A high-quality leather wallet should not have any strong chemical odors; it should only smell like leather. The musty or earthy smell combined with a tangy sweet smell of leather is unmistakable. It is virtually impossible to imitate or create the scent of leather that lasts considering the real smell of leather does not fade. Regardless of the length of time, a real leather wallet has been sitting in storage or the warehouse, you should still smell the actual scent of leather. It is not possible to remove the smell even through a thorough cleaning process. The same applies even if you leave it outside for an extended period. The scent of leather is essentially an effective way to tell apart the real leather products from the fake ones.

      Thickness of Leather

      You can determine the thickness of the material by examining the edges. The centre fold of your leather wallet should have a thickness matching two-quarters of the two layers while the flaps should have a thickness matching one quarter. Any thinner and the material will remain floppy (shapeless). As a result, it will not have the characteristic stiffness of most quality leather wallets. Note that thin leather also wears out quicker, especially with regular use.

      You should be careful though because the low-quality wallet makers use a trick to make their material seem thicker than it actually is. The manufacturers of these low-quality wallets make their leather even thinner to cut down on their costs by inserting a thin plastic material or stiff cardboard. This results in an inexpensive product that wears out faster. Inserting a plastic material in between fabric lining and thin leather causes a higher rate of wear through, especially with continued use of the wallet.


      Nylon, polyester, and cotton are the best stitching materials. While cotton is an acceptable material, it is a less durable option. Unless it is polyester or nylon, it is highly unlikely that you’ll tell the type of material by simply examining a wallet.

      An aspect more important than the material choice that you can use to differentiate quality products from the knockoffs is the appearance. When it comes to the stitching, you should carefully examine the sewing pattern. While examining every pocket and edge, check that there are two parallel stitch lines. The double-stitched pattern helps by reinforcing each line to safeguard the wallet and its pockets from the flexing that occurs due to inserting cards as well as the frequent opening and closing. If you find no double-stitch pattern, you should look out for a cross pattern that crisscrosses the stitch. This pattern is yet another acceptable reinforcement technique for the stitch and it boosts the appeal of some wallets.

      If there is no reinforcement applied to the stitching, then the manufacturer has certainly cut shortcuts by applying minimal stitching to hold the wallet together. Consequently, the minimal stitching won’t hold the leather wallet together for long. Instead, the wallet will only serve for a shorter period.


      Look at the wallet edges as well, as these are great indicators of the quality. If you examine the edges, they should have either a turned or cut edge. A rolled or turned edge is folded in an inward manner while the stitching holds it in place. When you look at it closely, you should see the rolled edge that looks similar to the interior or exterior surface. A wallet with cut edges, on the other hand, will have a raw and bare leather at the bottom section of the leather wallet.

      Unless the wallet is handmade, you’ll rarely come across wallets incorporating the cut edges. The handmade wallets having cut edges either incorporate a painted edge, raw edge, or burnished edge. A natural cut edge is preferable, as it enables you to examine the leather thickness and the level of dye penetration into the rawhide.


      While inspecting the wallet edges, examine the cut down and up to every corner. Does the wallet have rounded or square corners? Square corners wear out faster when they rub against fabric while being put or removed from the pockets. Wallets with rounded corners, on the other hand, slide in effortlessly thus preserving the leather.


      Well-made wallet pockets are particularly vital considering they’ll be used constantly. So, let’s begin with some of the things you really shouldn’t spot in your ideal leather wallet.

      Pull out the pockets and look inside. You should see no lip at the point where the material folds to the inner part of the wallet pocket. Instead, it should cut off close to the top part of the wallet interior. Having the lining is fine; however, the lip makes it a little more difficult to remove cards and repeated friction wears the material. It is better to have the material continuing from the front to the inner part.

      Note that some wallets have no fold over pockets. They incorporate a straight cut across the upper part of the wallet pocket. Having a straight cut makes perfect sense as long as the material is thick enough to allow a single layer to remain completely sturdy.

      You will frequently see wallet pockets with rolled over edges. This rollover effect is intended to create an attractive edge at the pocket front. The attractive edge is made in two different ways. The material used at the section of the rollover must be thin enough such that it folds properly and lays flat. The makers of leather wallets can make the wallet pockets thin enough to allow them to roll over the top or they can create thicker pockets, then thin just the pocket top. Maintaining a thick profile until the section of the rollover allows the pocket to provide greater durability while keeping the stylish appearance of the rolled over edges.

      Finally, the leather wallet pockets shouldn’t extend or reach the length of the cards. If they do, you’ll have a hard time pulling out your cards. To pull it out, you’ll be forced to stretch out the pocket front, which creates stress particularly on the stitches and the material is loosened as well.


      The final part of the inspection involves examining the craftsmanship applied in the construction of the leather wallet.

      Have a look at every line and every cut of the stitching. The lines of the stitching should be straight while the stitching should line up perpendicular or parallel to one another. There should be no uneven cuts or off-kilter angle assembly or sewing. Every stitch and line should be vertical or horizontal except for the rounded off corners.


      What are some of the important marks you should look out for when you need to differentiate between a high-quality wallet from a cheap knockoff?

      • The wallet has a distinct smell of leather and not strong chemical odors
      • The texture should feel like leather
      • The wallet should be cross-stitched or double stitched on the edges
      • The wallet edges should be turned in; not coated using a bonding material
      • The manufacturers thin the leather on the edges for a blended, smooth surface
      • The corners of the leather wallets are rounded
      • Wallet pockets are thicker with straight cut tops
      • The stitching and cuts are made straight at perfect vertical or horizontal angles
      • Pockets don’t cover cards or bills entirely
      • The rolled over wallets are thick except for the rollover sections

      The Slim Front Pocket Wallet for Men 2019

      The Slim Front Pocket Wallet for Men 2019

      The era of the big, thick men’s wallets is gone. Instead, the slim and functional wallet has taken over and presents a much better alternative for men who like to be stylish while getting the much-needed functionality from a minimalist wallet design. Furthermore, the newer breed of small, minimalist wallets are practical and more comfortable. A good example is the slim front pocket wallet, which does not produce a bulge in the pocket. The market for the minimalist type wallets has exploded in popularity over the past half-decade, which is also evident on Kickstarter community, where every newly designed minimalist wallet is smaller than the last one launched. The newer wallet designs pack more items while maintaining a slim, minimalist design that barely produces a bulge in the pockets. Below are some important points to note when shopping for a slim front pocket wallet and we also outline why you should actually invest in one.

      What is a slim front pocket wallet?

      The slim front pocket is a particularly convenient wallet, which allows users to enjoy the convenience of a big wallet with the usefulness and functionality of a minimalist wallet design. Just like the name suggests, it is small and employs a highly innovative, minimalist design while still enabling users to store regular items such as IDs, credit cards, debit cards, and many more items, thanks to the slots incorporated in the design. The fact that the slim wallets have a slim design essentially means that they can be kept in the front wallets without producing a bulge.

      If you need a slimmer and more lightweight wallet that can easily fit in your front pockets, the front pocket wallet is certainly what you need to invest in. Most of the wallets are made using high-quality leather and weight almost nothing. Interestingly, the wallets are capable of accommodating all of your vital items such as business cards, credit cards, debit cards, and cash. Since the wallets are compact, they allow you to make the most of the space in your front pockets. The small pocket wallet is small enough in the sense that you can effortlessly slip it in your front pocket and access simply without much fuss.

      Reasons why you need to invest in a slim front pocket wallet

      Are you still sitting on the fence and are yet to decide whether you should get a front pocket wallet or not? Below I will list some top reasons why more and more men are buying the front wallet pocket and saying goodbye to their older, bigger wallets.

      • Healthier
        It is no mystery that the bulky back pocket wallets are a health hazard for the long-term health of your back. Consider this: the nerves, which exit your lower back coordinate and control the strongest and largest muscles of your body including the buttocks, legs, back, and core. Exerting an excessive amount of pressure on these muscles for many hours, especially when you sit on your back wallet potentially causes numerous body mechanic issues. For this reason alone, it makes more sense to have a front pocket wallet.
      • Helps you Declutter
        A wallet should never be filing cabinet or a photo album. Thankfully carrying a slim front minimalist pocket wallet forces you to clean out your wallet and get rid of junk.
      • A Front Pocket With A Minimalist Design Enhances Your Look
        Slogging along the streets with a bulky back pocket wallet means it’ll literally cause a bulge on your back thus ruining your appealing denim silhouette, more so if you wear tight-fitting jeans. Fortunately, you can significantly enhance your look by investing in a stylish front pocket wallet with a minimalist design.

      Tips To Help You Choose a Front Pocket Wallet

      Below we share some useful tips to guide you into choosing the right front pocket wallet to suit your needs.

      • Practicality
        The front pocket wallet should match your needs. Therefore, if you frequently carry many cards, then you need to buy one with enough compartments for storing your cards while still allowing you to retrieve them easily. Choose a card with compartments for storing your ID, cash, and cards.
      • The weight
        The wallet should have just the right weight. With a slim wallet employing a minimalist design, your look is greatly enhanced, as it helps to complement your unique style. A bulky bifold wallet, on the other hand, ruins your look by making your jeans look saggy.It helps to choose a slim design, as this ensures your wallet will fit beautifully in your front pocket. The wallet should ideally have a slim design, especially if you’ll mostly be wearing fitting pants or jeans.
      • What’s Trendy
        When it comes to front pocket wallet designs, trends keep changing. Therefore, if you’re a fashion conscious individual who wishes to keep up with the newest trends, you should look for the more trendy options and pick a design that complements your individual style. Check out consumer reviews to get an idea of what others have to say with regard to trends and product durability.

      Kinzd Slim Front Pocket Wallet

      slim wallet for men

      The Kinzd is a slim front pocket wallet that you can use to carry items such as your ID, cash, credit cards, debit cards, metro cards, business cards, bank card, dollar bills, paper money, and so much more. You can carry the slim card holder wherever you go.

      If you’re planning to buy a slim leather online, then you should check out the Kinzd slim, minimalist wallets. Additionally, if you wish to safeguard the security and safety of your ID, credit cards, and other RFID chipped card info, then you’ll gladly discover that you have many slim wallets to choose from that incorporate RFID blocking technology.

      The Kinzd slim pocket wallet features an ID window, six card slots, and a single larger pocket for storing money. It also has a convenient top center access (allows you to fit all types of cards. the smart and innovative design of the men’s slim wallets presents you with a more convenient way to access your bills and cards whenever you need to get these items out of your wallet while on the go. Since the slim, minimalist wallets are small in size, they do not bulge at all when put in the front pocket, thereby making them more comfortable and practical for daily use.

      Kinzd is a highly professional provider of high-quality affordable slim wallets and money clip wallets created using genuine leather. Most of the minimalist wallets produced by Kinzd incorporate RFID card blocking technology, meaning you can confidently choose your preferred slim wallet that is guaranteed to make you look stylish while providing security and safety for your cards.

      Why we need a Minimalist Wallet

      Why we need a Minimalist Wallet

      As the tempo of life in a modern city is very quick, Wallet and Money clip is certainly one of the most important accessories in a man's travel bag. In our daily life, men usually like to carry bifold wallets, trifold wallets or front pocket wallet, most of these wallet may has enough card slots for all your cards and cash, so people are used to classified them as traditional wallet.

      As our daily life becomes more and more detailed, the quality of our life is constantly improving. a minimalist wallets for men are becoming become more and more popular to suitable for the fast rhythm of modern life.

      What is minimalist Wallet?

      There are ID card, credit card, bank card, supermarket card, shopping card, membership card and so on, so many cards are not easy to store. The small, men's minimalist wallet card holder is well-designed for these cards, the size is just right, to manage so many your cards together in neat condition, avoid the occurrence of a few random card, the appearance is very convenient to put your front pocket nicely, easy to carry with you everywhere.

      slim wallet for men

      kinzd slim minimalist wallet with ID window and RFID blocking

      Advantages of Minimalist Wallet?

      Designed by artists, Kinzd card holder wallet are not only ultra-thin, slim and durable, but also simple, tearproof and 100% recyclable. Some slim wallets are gender-neutral, some are waterproof bifold wallet. If you need to find a new wallet to replace bulky wallet, just have a look our slim wallet for both men and women, when you try our ultra thin wallet to experience how comfortable, beautiful and safe minimalist wallets it is! Your pocket will become light right now while you use ultra-thin wallets.

      Why we carry a RFID blocking minimalist wallet? All of our wallets made of finest leather with RFID blocking. A Minimalist Wallet with RFID Blocking protection PREVENTS data from being stolen from contactless Cards by identity thieves just using special contactless card readers. You can easily store 6-7 cards in Kinzd Slim wallet. It is very thin and slim, you will forget it in your front pocket.

      Meanwhile, you will find here various smart wallets, passport holder wallet, thin card holder, leather money clip wallet in different style, colours, functions and sizes. Moreover, we have prepared enticing gift box packing, which will improve functionality of your card wallet.