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      Shenzhen Hui Tang Technology Co.

      About Kinzd: Elevated Your Everyday Carry

      Welcome to Kinzd – where simplicity meets sophistication in your everyday carry. At Kinzd, we're not just a label—we represent an assurance of standout quality, usefulness, and chicness all bundled in the richness of premium leather.

      Our Story

      Kinzd started with a vision: to create wallets that are as practical as they are elegant. We get it, your wallet is more than just a storage spot for cash and cards; it's part of your daily life story. Your wallet, you see, is more than a mere accessory—it's your loyal companion in life's everyday hustles and momentous occasions alike.

      Our Craft

      Our wallets are more than just leather and thread. Each one's not just a wallet, but rather an artfully crafted masterpiece designed for those who appreciate true quality. With a focus on slim profiles, intuitive design, and robust construction, our wallets are engineered for life on the go.

      60-Day Risk Free Trial

      Try it for 60-days, and if you don’t like it for any reason at all send it back, no questions asked.

      Slim Wallets

      For the minimalist at heart, our slim wallets cut the bulk without cutting corners on storage or style.

      Bifold Wallets

      Traditional design with a modern twist, our bifold wallets are built for those who appreciate the classics.

      Money Clips

      Sleek and simple, our money clips are for the streamlined carrier, for whom less is definitely more.

      Our Leather

      At Kinzd, we believe in the integrity of our materials. That's why we use 100% genuine cowhide leather across our range:

      • Top Grain Leather: The perfect balance of resilience and refinement.
      • Full Grain Leather: The gold standard for durability and elegance.
      • Crazy Horse Leather: Rugged and full of character, it tells a new story with every use.
      • Nappa Leather: Soft to the touch, with an understated sheen.
      • Pebbled Leather: Textured for grip and built to last.
      • Saffiano Leather: Scratch-resistant and stylish, it's sophistication personified.
      • Vegetable-Tanned Leather: Eco-conscious and durable, it ages gracefully.

      Our Guarantee Rooted in the commitment to quality, we craft wallets designed not just for aesthetic appeal but also for resilience, ensuring you a trusty companion that's built to last through trends and time.

      Our mission? To give you wallets that not only look good, but also last, day after day. Our commitment to you is a wallet that you can rely on, day in and day out.

      Discover your Kinzd today and feel the difference that great craftsmanship can make.

      For any questions, please feel free to contact us directly using our site's messaging system.