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      Brand: FIYUM

      Color: Black

      Package Dimensions:ย 4.5 x 3.5 x 1.3 inches

      Based on analyzed all reviews of customers' real purchase feedback from the provided FIYUM AirTag Wallet, here are the key takeaways:

      Positive Feedback

      - Many liked the premium leather material and build quality. They said it feels luxurious.

      - A number of reviews praised the pop-up card ejection feature. Makes accessing cards very convenient.

      - Some mentioned the AirTag holder works great for tracking the wallet if misplaced.

      - Several noted the RFID blocking provides good peace of mind for card data protection.

      - A few reviews said the wallet looks classy and professional for business settings.

      Negative Feedback

      - The most common complaint was that the wallet is too thick and bulky, especially when holding an AirTag. Not comfortable for pocket carry.

      - Some said the strong magnet closure makes it overly rigid and hard to open and close.

      - A couple reviews mentioned durability concerns with the leather and stitching after a few months of use.

      - One review warned the AirTag button release seems flimsy and could lead to accidental detachment.

      - A review said the pop-up card ejection slot is on the wrong side for easy access.

      Overall, customers love the premium feel and useful features like the AirTag tracking and RFID blocking. But the bulkiness and potential long-term durability issues are big drawbacks for some. It seems ideal for those wanting robust protection and tech integration, but not a slim wallet.ย 

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