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      Brand: Mvgges

      Color: Black

      Package Dimensions: 5.0 x 5.0 x 0.7 inches

      Here is a summary of the key positive and negative themes from the customer reviews for the Mvgges Airtag Wallet:

      Positive Feedback
      - Slim and minimalist design
      - Sturdy carbon fiber construction
      - Holds several cards securely
      - AirTag holder is convenient
      - RFID blocking provides security

      Negative Feedback
      - AirTag holder doesn't feel very secure
      - Can be difficult to remove cards from metal plates
      - Screws loosening over time causes wallet to fall apart
      - Bulky and heavy feel
      - Difficult to remove AirTag once holder is closed

      Overall, customers find this to be an affordable, slim wallet that provides RFID protection. The biggest complaints seem to be around the AirTag holder not being very secure, the wallet being a bit bulky, and some quality issues like screws coming loose over time. But many customers are pleased with the modern, minimalist look and feel of this wallet.

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