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      Brand: Elevation Lab

      Color: Single


      • The best way to keep AirTag in your wallet.
      • Flexible unlike other hard plastic cases.
      • Ultra-thin, no additional thickness added to AirTag.
      • Stays hidden - shorter than a credit card. Keeps AirTag from falling out.
      • Great for vertical card slots & smaller wallets.

      Details: The Best AirTag Wallet Holder. Keeps AirTag from falling out. Flexible. No bulging. Stays hidden.

      Package Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.2 x 0.5 inches

      Here are the key positive and negative themes from the customer reviews of the TagVault - AirTag Wallet Holder:

      Positive Feedback:

      • Fits well in wallet without adding too much bulk. The slim, flexible design makes it easy to slip into credit card slots or other tight spaces.

      • Securely holds AirTag in place. The locking tabs help keep it firmly positioned inside wallet.

      • High quality materials and construction. Durable silicone protects AirTag while remaining thin and flexible.

      • Simple, inconspicuous way to add AirTag tracking to bags, wallets, etc. Doesn't add noticeable thickness when placed properly.

      Negative Feedback:

      • Smaller than expected. Some customers felt the compact size was too small.

      • Can add slight thickness to wallet. Despite claims of no added thickness, some felt it made their wallet thicker.

      • Exposed metal on AirTag could get scratched. The steel battery cover is not protected when in the holder.

      • Expensive given the small size. A few felt the price was high for such a tiny holder.


      • Most customers are very satisfied with this slim, versatile holder that securely fits an AirTag into tight spaces like credit card slots.
      • It reliably holds the AirTag while adding minimal bulk. The innovative design keeps it hidden and in place.
      • A few customers were disappointed by the compact size or minor fit issues, but most agree it meets its intended purpose very well.

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